Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Highlights from BeeHuman.blogspot.com

If you follow this blog you know that the beekeeping club we belong to has a blog at beehuman.blogspot.com. I occasionally post there but am becoming increasingly intimidated by the high quality of the posts.

Kirk gives audio dispatches from the field that are fantastic. Each day I check back to hear the latest. It's like getting a message on your answering machine from a friend Actually now that I think about it, it is exactly that. Russell, Amy, Leonardo, Steven, and everyone else who posts do an awesome job conveying their excitement, enthusiasm and passion.

Now for my latest faves here is Fernando in his homemade beekeeping suit.

You can read and hear about it here: Bees for Fernando

The only thing cooler than Fernando's beekeeping suit is his bees current home - an old paint thinner can. Too bad he can't keep them in there permanently but there is no room to expand and I think the residual chemicals might taint the honey.

You can read and hear about the can discovery here: Bees in a can, and other adventures.

I think the photo credits go to Pshaz, Kirk and Russell, but I'm not quite sure. Apologies if I've gotten it wrong - please someone let me know.

Update: Next Bee Meeting - Sunday, May 3rd

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