Monday, April 20, 2009

Outdoor Bathing Season Is Officially Open

One of the great delights where we live is an outdoor bath. With the temperature breaking ninety degrees on Sunday, it was a perfect day to clean out the tubs and let the young guys soak. At first, we only pulled out one tub thinking we'd rotate the kids through. But the youngest would have none of it.

So both tubs were cleaned out, add warm water and a kid, and you've got a pretty good thing going on. Our oldest son opted to stay in the tub until he could see the stars come out. A good thing indeed.

Graywater Ramshackle Style


  1. Kids in tubs! That's just about the cutest photo I've ever seen in my life. You guys are amazing!

  2. where did you find these tubs? we are looking for an alternative to an ugly disposable plastic kiddie pool.

  3. The small tub was a yard sale score. And we bought the larger one at our local hardware store. They are pretty much in constant use around here from bathing kids to yard work to party beverage ice chest.

  4. Good idea. I may have to try that with Eliot.


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