Thursday, April 2, 2009

Phainopepla Visit

Spring is an exciting time for watching birds in our yard. The season brings Hooded and Bullock's Orioles. I've also seen some Western Tanagers. I'm constantly trying to get a good picture of our avian visitors. I heard the whistle of the phainopepla while I was inside the house. I was surprised to find it so close to our home in a nearby bottlebrush tree. Usually, the phainopeplas prefer to rest at the apex of our large California Coastal Live Oak, fluttering from their perch only to feast on insects.

I slowly grabbed my camera and inched my way to the door. The handsome bird eyed me with his bright red eye and offered me a moment to admire him. I snapped this shot, not a perfect shot, but the best yet that I have captured.

NHM Member Loan Program: Phainopepla


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