Monday, April 27, 2009

Weeds Fight Back

Sunday I started on the chipper. I had a bunch of native plants (sage, buckwheat and toyon), some suckers from the pomegranate tree and olive trees, and some non-native invasive plants that hadn't gone to seed yet - mostly horehound.

Everything was going well until, as I was pushing a big bunch of horehound and sage through the shredder, the port where the shredded material is expelled became clogged and the whole thing exploded into a huge cloud of vaporized herbs.

Here it is several seconds later expelling a steady stream of vaporized allergens, like some evil villain's depraved weapon of mass congestion. Holy antihistamines Batman!


  1. feeling sneezy just looking at the picture!

  2. This is precisely why I am taking advantage of the cooler weather this week to lay more flagstones!


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