Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Angeles Crest Camping Update

Ilsa Setziol of Rambling LA and her husband planned a great trip for some local camping at Chilao in the Angeles Crest Forest. We took them up on their offer to join them in the mountains last week. The camp is about 30 miles from Camp Ramshackle, which made it easier to attain escape velocity from the gravitational pull that is home base. I highly recommend camping with friends. We split cooking duties and kid supervision which really made the time in the woods much more relaxed and enjoyable. And Ilsa and her husband are incredibly knowledgeable about local plants and history not to mention master storytellers. It's like having a living guide book as your camp companion.

A few highlights from a fantastic trip:

Make-shift outdoor bath. It felt so Deadwood.

Grilled corn enjoyed with gusto.

And hammock naps for the tuckered camper. After this trip, I'm inspired to venture out more.


  1. Ooh, that bath looks good, the corn looks better, and the hammock looks best of all!

  2. Ah, the camping box bath tub. We used a similar set up for Sellers' one year trip to the Sierras:

  3. How cute! That reminds me, I got a couple shots of Sellers at the garden opening. I'll send 'em to you.

  4. I think the penstemon we saw was Scarlet Bugler.

  5. Thanks guys for a memorable trip.
    More on this camp trip on Rambling LA:
    There's a link to my comprehensive camping checklist at the bottom.

  6. Hey Ilsa - yes, thank you! We had a great time.

    I agree that penstamon we saw was Scarlet Bugler. We'll have some seeds soon if you want some. Our Eaton's Penstamons produce lots of seeds too. They are both pretty easy to grow.


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