Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bogie and Bacall on the Pacific Crest Trail

While we were out camping in the Angeles Forest, we had the luck to cross paths with Bogie and Bacall, two veteran hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Pacific Crest Trail starts in Mexico and ends in Canada. Bogie and Bacall started in Mexico one month ago and hope to be in Canada in September. Eric and I aspire to some back country hiking ourselves. I don't know if we'll ever do a thru-hike on the PCT, but I plan to follow Bogie and Bacall's journey on www.trailjournals.com for some insight on how to do it.

More updates on our camping trip soon. Great hikes, good food, great company, and camping outdoor baths for the younger set. A good time was had by all.


  1. This prompts me to cease lurking. Bogie and Bacall are on one of our dream trips - we hope to do the PCT (or at least the whole length of California) in about 2015 (once the kids are old enough to handle it).

  2. colleeeen, I look forward to following your trip when you do! We gave Bogie and Becall a lift to the trailhead (there are gaps off the trail where hikers have to trek on Highway 2) and gifted the last of our fresh fruit and produce. Bogie cristened us trail angels. Becall's face lit up when she saw the ripe cherries.


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