Monday, May 4, 2009

It Happened Again - Baby Birds in the Tent

I stepped into the tent on Sunday and a suspicious finch flew out, having obviously been perched inside. I looked for a new nest in the vent tubes but didn't see anything. Then, as I turned around I noticed it, tucked up in the rolled up side of the tent.

The babies were hard to get a shot of. They just wanted to hide

Until we gave a little whistle. Then they'd pop their heads up, mouths open.

I think we'll need to relocate them by next Sunday because we have plans to use the tent to entertain for Mother's Day. I don't think they would fare well with their own mother gone for a several hours. Luckily we've read all about how to move birds nests. We'll post about it when we do it.

About this time last year

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  1. Awe little cuties! They're probably well protected from cats and hawks in there. Smart bird mom.


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