Sunday, May 31, 2009

Late Season Manroot Removal

A while back I posted about some manroot clean up that we did. This is a follow up of what you have in store if you don't clean it up when it's still green. The pods are vicious things the size of small potatoes. The spikes will easily pierce leather gloves so I don't wear them anymore. I find that it is easier to be careful without them. Inside the pod are smooth hard seeds that I am told were used by the Native Americans as beads for necklaces.

Here are the before and after shots of the fence. Maybe next year I'll have the time to dig out the roots so I won't have to clean the fence off for a while but now that the ground is dried out it is almost impossible to find the roots. Even if I were to find one, the earth here is a clay which is chipped at rather than dug into once it is dry. Besides, I have other projects that are more pressing. like getting the new bed planted (better late than never).

Manroot Maintenance
Hedgehog from a Manroot Seedpod

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