Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wet Shaving Update

I got some new shaving supplies in the mail today. I ordered a sample pack of blades from West Coast Shaving. They were out of the Gillette blades that are supposed to come with it so I got a little IOU in the box letting me know that they'll ship them as soon as they are available. Even without the other 5 or 10 blades this feels like an excellent value. It came to about $19, before tax and shipping for 35 blades and a cake of Col. Conk shave soap (almond). That's about the same price as 8 Gillette Fusion cartridges on Amazon (with no soap) which are mostly plastic wrapped in lots more plastic.

The 10 Merkur blades Julia gave me with the razor have lasted me since the beginning of December thanks to the sharpener the Phoenix gave me. If these new blades resharpen as well as the Merkur blades(about 5 extra shaves per blade), I won't be able to repurchase my favorites from the sample pack for a year and a half or more.

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