Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chase's Recycled Lumber Bicycle Hutch

Ramshackle Solid reader Chase shared his fantastic recycled lumber bicycle hutch after seeing Eric's Shack Shelves. Our saw blades are spinning with inspiration.

Eric has gone bike sexy upgrading the old bike with something a bit easier to ride to work. His new ride merits a prominent parking spot.

We look forward to building storage inspired by Chase's work that can house the kid's rides as well.

Thanks, Chase!


  1. Haha! I was really surprised to see this post in my feed reader.

    A little background: the top is made out of Craigslisted lumber from a demolished pergola. The horizontal surface is all 1/2" x 1" boards and the legs are juniper branches (obviously!) from a local state park where my sister-in-law worked.

    I'm glad it inspired you!

  2. Inspired me, too! I don't really have garage space for the bikes, but I do have plenty of plywood scraps, old fence panels & poles and branches scavenged out of the creek (runoff channel) behind my house. Something like this may have to go on the project list.


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