Monday, June 8, 2009

DWP Lawn Removal Incentive Program

Our friends at Green Frieda recently posted about the new Los Angeles Department of Water and Power program which pays an incentive to rip out your lawn and plant drought tolerant plants. We heard the same report on the radio but hadn't tracked it down yet - thanks EAPPster!

From the DWP site:
One square foot of traditional lawn needs approximately 50 inches of water per year. In comparison, most drought tolerant plants need approximately 15 inches of water or less per square foot per year. In an average year, Los Angeles receives about 15 inches of rain per year.

The average drought tolerant native at the Theodore Payne Society will run about 10 bucks and fill about 9 square feet. So essentially this means that if you are willing to do the work, the DWP will pick up the tab for the plants.

Read more about it on Green Frieda.

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