Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Blades Arrive

The rest of the blades from my sample pack arrived yesterday. So far since the original batch arrived I have used only two blades. The first was a Feather. It was true to it's reputation - extremely sharp. Maybe too much so. I nicked my self once or twice that first shave without even knowing it. On the bright side, however, I got 5 shaves out of one blade without resharpening at all.

The next blade I tried was a Dorco. It was not nearly as sharp. So far I have gotten 2 shaves out of it but I doubt I'll get a third. I think I'll go through all of the blades to see how many shaves I get out of each without resharpening and then go through the lot again, this time sharpening each to see how they fare. I got the feeling with the Feather that "sharpening" it my have had the effect of dulling it. It was that sharp.

Overall I couldn't be happier since I abandoned the plastic disposable multi-blade razors. I am really happy to not be involved in the disposable razor head arms race or subject to the planned obsolescence of the brand specific head/handle combos. My new blades all fit my razor. There is very little plastic involved (some come in plastic boxes but many come in cardboard with wax paper wrappers) in my new routine. My cost of shaving has dropped dramatically and my satisfaction has soared. I stand by my Father's Day gift recommendation from last year.

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  1. This is just fantastic! For so long I've loathed the shaver arms race. I wonder how well women would fare with an old fashioned razor? I recall borrowing my dad's razor when I first started shaving and cutting the heck out of myself.

  2. Here is a post by Megan Metcalf about her experience that I found through our friend at RetroRazor.com:

    Reporting back from the bathroom

    This is a quote:
    "Girls, LISTEN UP (and dudes too): this is the best thing ever. Ever."

    Sounds like it's worth a try!


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