Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Costume Malfunction

On my ride to work yesterday I tore my pants while attempting to remount the bike. My legs were a little sweaty and the pant leg just didn't slide when I threw my right leg over the seat. They tore from about the bottom of the knee all the way to halfway up the zipper.

I was in an industrial area of Burbank when it happened and there weren't any public restrooms around to use to change into my work pants. At one point I found some bushes in front of a building that would make a good screen but just then a mother and her young son came heading in my direction so I just hopped back on my bike and pushed ahead.

Once I got to work I carried my backpack strategically in front of me until I got to the shower. I felt like Peter Sellers carrying that guitar at the nudist beach. At work no one said anything - not sure if anyone noticed.

It was actually kind of a nice experience because it made a lot of people smile. Sure, it was at my expense but the world just seemed a little happier... and breezier.


  1. This is a hilarious story. I think I would've cracked up if I'd seen you in the lobby. :)

  2. That did make me laugh! What a huge rip!!

  3. Hilarious! I love it! "Let 'er rip!"


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