Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Handmade Doll

At last!  I started this project in December for my youngest son. Seven months later, I finished it.  Some projects linger.  The Waldorf doll was certainly one of those.  I read about the project in Creative Play for Your Toddler, a generous loan from my friend at RamblingLA.  

The instructions were fairly straight forward until the hair, which said something to the effect "attach yarn hair to head".  Frankly, I could use a bit more clarification.  I ended up cutting the yarn to length, tying a knot in the middle and sewing each on individually.  I recommend using a different tactic.  Perhaps your project won't take seven months.  

While I was working away on this doll, I saw Leah of the lovely Our Yellow House whip up not one but two Waldorf dolls in a weekend or so.  Much respect, Leah.  

**Note:  As I write this in the evening, my little one started to stir.  Eric and I went to check on him.  We found him spooning his doll.  I guess it was worth the wait.


  1. i was obsessed that weekend! i started a third too but it has been sitting unfinished ever since. the hair was definitely the most time consuming part. your doll is perfect. i like how he/she is nice and big.

  2. You are granted indefinite project lingering time after making the first two so quickly. Thanks for the kind words, Leah. The head and the body came together fairly quickly on this one and the sewing was enjoyable. But that crazy hair! How did you attach the yarn hair to your dolls? Do you have a reference online? Thanks.

  3. julia.
    i cut the hair to length and attached at the center of each grouping of about 4 strands. the third doll has a knitted wig that has been stitched on. it went a lot quicker but doesn't quite have the personality of the long crazy hair. i have since inherited a book called baby dolls and their clothes by valeria ferrari which has great instructions on hair but i haven't yet tried her techniques. (i just checked and it is available through amazon)actually if you are really interested i could copy that chapter and send it to you.

    also have you heard that you can add pink cheeks by rubbing a cloth on a red beeswax crayon and smudging it on like blush?

    endless possibilities with doll making. too bad i don't have the attention span to stick with any one medium these days!

  4. Leah, I'll take you up on the copy of the chapter. I look forward to seeing the knitted hair on the doll.


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