Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Juan Capistrano

Although it is good to be home, I still have vacation on the brain. At the end of our vacation, we stopped in San Juan Capistrano before heading home. We ate a tasty, albeit expensive, meal at The San Ramos House Cafe. The restaurant is literally the home of the owner and former cook with seating in the courtyard.

I ate the wild mushroom, roasted garlic & sun dried tomato scramble. On top--crispy sweet potatoes. Tasty.

After victuals, we walked around the railroad-adjacent neighborhood thick with ramshackle style. This house, fence and courtyard captured my heart. I was ready to scale the chain link and homestead.

Saw some enviable tree houses perched in fragrant pepper trees.

Then went to the Zoomar petting zoo footsteps away from the train depot to feed some hungry goats and rabbits.

Lace these expeditions between lazy meanderings through a yarn store where my son talked about favorite colors with the woman weaving a custom tapestry and a garden shop specializing in fountains where my youngest son got soaked.

Who knows which memories will linger. I love each moment, the ones that stay and the ones that go.

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