Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trader Joe's Bag Winner of the Week!

I came home after spending the morning at a shaded park in South Pasadena with the boys. I checked the messages on the phone.

"Hello, this is Tom from South Pasadena Trader Joe's..."

I wondered how did this guy get my number? Did I leave my wallet there or something?

"I wanted to let you know you're our weekly bag winner."

Trader Joe's does a weekly drawing for people who bring there own bags to the store. Instead of getting five cents per bag off your purchase, you fill out a raffle ticket. Each week they draw a bag-bringer's name and give them ten bucks off their purchase. And this was my lucky week. Thanks, Tom at Trader Joe's!

I'm thinking this just may be the dawn of a new era at Camp Ramshackle. Ten dollars at Trader Joe's. Maybe next, a Mini Convertible through KCRW. Then, who knows, maybe the Powerball!


  1. No fair! I enter every time I shop and I've never won!

  2. I suspect you will win, Miss Ilsa. Keep filling out those tickets!


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