Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Garden Knife

One of the most useful tools I have in the garden these days is this cheap Chinese made stainless steel folding knife. It is perfect for cutting out squash or trimming those big hollow stems. I use it to dig with sometimes or to check the soil moisture.

It has a clip which makes it easy to keep handy - I don't have to dig in my pocket with dirty hands. I like the serrated section of the blade which is good for cutting through woody stems and the hemp twine that I have been tying the tomatoes up with.

Even though it is very rugged I don't care too much about what happens to it so I'm not afraid to actually use it to it's full potential. I've had this knife for a few years now but it has just entered into near daily use as a most favored tool. I only wish it was a more local product - but then it probably wouldn't have been $12.


  1. Wishing it was local, but at chinese price! It would be ok if it was local and cost $12.00, but the other way around still doesn't make it ok. We as americans don't want to pay for quality anymore. Just another case of wanting someting for nothing. What you profess on your blog is quite different when you have to support this country. Is it really about you or is there a connetion to our country and our remaining folks? The point you miss is that the person who owns the company that mfg in china is only thinking about his margin and maintaining his status quo and you help him by buying a product mfg 1500 miles away and you support no one but the his pocket book. STOP buying chinese. It isn't about you it is all of us. We are in this together. Support America, not the gov't or it's elites.
    Scrap Wood

  2. I use a Kobalt blade for the same purpose. It won't resist to bending, but a replacement blade is only a few cents. Great post!


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