Friday, September 11, 2009

Gallon Jug Explosion

I'm back on the search for a wide-mouth gallon jug after last night's Ball jar explosion. I poured hot water in it (The jar was room temperature. I've done it before.) and it just kept pouring all over the stove and floor. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the hot water. I'm brewing two gallons of kombucha at a time now. The other gallon jar fared just fine (the one that came with the house). The jar that broke was the one recently purchased from Michael's.

I have many good leads on where to find my next kombucha brewing jug thanks to Ramshackle readers. My first quest will be for a gallon jar of pickles. I've got a scoby waiting for a home.


  1. Hi Julia,
    I love your blog! Our mutual friend Jackie Oclaray shared it with me and I am hooked. I am going to try to make Kombucha as's either that or rob a bank to support my "habit." I wondered if it is as easy as you have made it seem....Also, my neighbor is a chef and I will ask him today to save some large jars....happy to share them with you. I can give them to Jackie to pass on. Thanks so much. Lesli

  2. Welcome to the kombucha brewing world! It's very rewarding. Be sure to use glass jugs to brew. If you email me your address at, I could even send you a scoby and directions. I think you'll love the convenience of home brewing. No longer will you find yourself in a back alley shaking in search of your kombucha connect. Thankfully, this stuff is good for us. Thanks for reading, Lesli.

  3. Man, brewing and kombucha. Your interests are after my heart.

  4. I have that happen to me. When I worked at a coffee shop we would pour the hot liquid over a spoon to temper it a little...I do this at home and it seems to work.

  5. i used some squat kimchi jars for a while, but when i moved up to 1 gallon batches i had a hard time finding a container. everything i've read said that you need ones that are wider than they are deep, and this makes it hard since most are taller than they are wide. I was however able to find a big wide shallow glass food storage container at ikea. i know, i know ikea, but hey sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. the one i ended up with looks kind of like a shallow cookie dish, with a metal sealing lid. it works very well indeed


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