Thursday, September 10, 2009

Knob Upgrade

Our backwards beekeeping comrade Sue posted a good idea in the comments on yesterday's post: Why not use the rest of the branch to make knobs since what was on there already was so darn ugly?

While the original fix wasn't really about aesthetics but more about my toes and avoiding a trip to the store, and buying stuff and all that, Sue makes a good point.

Riding the wave of enthusiasm from the previous success, when I got home last night I sprang into action. The very same branch was cut into knobs, screws were scavenged, backs of drawers countersunk and a new aesthetic emerged.

Voila! Okay, it's still ugly as hell but it's kinda cool the knobs are little branches isn't it?

Thanks Sue, we like it a lot more this way.


  1. I'd call it the "country bear jamboree" aesthetic. Doesn't look half bad, actually!

  2. Eric,
    To me, it is ALL about aesthetics (which is not the same, of course, as "pretty" or "not pretty.")
    Brings to mind a favorite quote from a Sister Corita poster (and attributed by Marshall McLuhan to the Balinese): "We have no art; we do everything as well as we can."


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