Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stock Tank Pool by Waldorf Modern

We are fans of outdoor baths at Camp Ramshackle. Eric and I have talked about making a larger stock tank bath/pool for ourselves. Waldorf Modern has done just that.

Details and more photos at Waldorf Modern.

Link via SouleMama.


  1. damn why did I have to see this at the close of the summer

    I need this bad for the kiddies

  2. What is the winter for except to plan next summer's stock tank pool?

  3. I once worked at a whitewater rafting company that sported a stock tank hot-tub. It sat on cinder blocks, and you built a fire underneath. Temperature regulation was difficult...

  4. I love that idea. We've been talking about that for a while.

    I was thinking of an external kind of heater tank maybe using one of those rocket stoves that the Homegrown Evolutionists have posted about that you would somehow control the flow in and out of.

  5. Any ideas on where one might find a large cattle trough in Los Angeles?


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