Monday, October 19, 2009

First Brew - Ramshackle IPA

Well, it's finally, officially here: the first Ramshackle Home Brew. This weekend marked three weeks (the recommended time you're supposed to wait) since I bottled the beer with our friend Andrew. I've been drinking it for a week and it's been good though I have noticed a slight change for the better over the course of the additional week.

Jeremy from Rancho Garvanza was asking for tasting notes in the comments on that post so here it goes with a caveat: Since Julia's gone gluten free she doesn't drink anything but sorghum beer. We haven't had any other beer drinkers over to taste it with me either so it may just be the blind pride of creation but I think it's good - something like a Lagunitas IPA maybe? Not as hoppy as Stone IPA but still a nice hops finish.

It's just slightly sweeter than I would normally like which may be a result of some of the hops boiling over the edge of the pot when I added them. I want to get another batch going as soon as I can but it looks like it will be at least next weekend before that happens. I think I'll either try another IPA or a Lager (actually probably both) since those are the beers I drink most often but I'd love to try get a Porter something like my favorite Black Butte brewing.


  1. Looks great with a nice head. Will the sweetness continue to drop as the yeast munches on the sugars - or is that process complete? How about the carbonation levels? Excellent to have a successful first batch.

  2. I think the sweetness is there to stay - it's not overly sweet but maybe like a fat tire ale crossed with IPA? The carbonation is perfect- about like any beer you'd get at the store. We should get together and you can try a bottle for yourself. You are in the neighborhood aren't you?

  3. That beer sounds delicious. I just finished brewing an IPA. We call it 3DG IPA (3 Dudes in a Garage) with a similar character as your beer.

  4. Congratulations on your first brew! I bet it's excellent. Like you, we've found that a week can make a lot of difference in flavor.

    Cool bee box, too. It's always a pleasure to visit the Ramshackle blog.


  5. Thanks for the beer tasting! I am blown away at the quality. A peachy nose and a bit on the palate. Perfect level of carbonation and not too sweet for me. I really need to try homebrewing myself. I guess I never realized you could approach that quality at home. Cheers!


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