Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gopher Snake

My youngest son and I were out playing in the yard when we stumbled upon this five foot gopher snake. She/he had her head held high with her long body draped across the roots of the olive tree that holds one end of our laundry line. I'm not ashamed to admit...well maybe a bit... that I let out a yell. The next yell was to my older son to come out and join us to watch this amazing creature. She slowly moved down from her perch.

I deposited the boys on top of the bed of Eric's truck to watch the snake slither slowly down the slope and under the car.

This is the first snake I've seen on our property. And what a magnificent snake. I was shocked by the size perhaps plump from feasting on a seemingly limitless supply of gophers. I used the opportunity to remind the boys to keep their eyes open for this and other snakes while they are playing. Gopher snakes are not poisonous, but they do bite when they feel threatened. Thankfully, I got the rambunctious dog quarantined while I was taking these photos.


  1. Yelled "a little"? Please...I would have had a heart attack and died "a little". You're a very brave woman, Julia...crazy, but brave.

  2. Maryellen, I was again wishing you guys lived in the neighborhood. I thought immediately of calling Mark & Nate over to capture the snake.

  3. We had one of these in our yard a couple of years ago. Sadly, it got caught in my garden netting and died. I did get a very good look at the snake when I found it in the morning, though. It was very big, both long and thick, and if I'd seen it alive I probably would have yelled and run. Instead, I just jumped about 3 feet in the air when I stumbled sleepily upon its lifeless body.


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