Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tiffin Lunch Bag

Each year, my son's preschool holds an auction to raise funds for the school. In the past, I made tipis: first and second. This year, I made this tiffin lunch bag and put it together with a stainless steel tiffin and canteen.

The tiffin is a metal lunch box widely used in India.

I made a pattern thanks to the techniques I learned at Machine Project's Sewing 102 class.

Pleased with the result of my auction donation, I made two more for the boys. They are quite enamoured by the tiffin and sweetly appreciative of their new bags.


  1. where on earth did you get that glorious lunchbox?

  2. Tiffins are available for purchase at To-Go Ware. They are a bit bigger than the one pictured above which I bought from Cost Plus.

  3. i would definitely bid on that!

  4. Thanks, Leah! And thanks for organizing the stocking stuffer swap. I'm so excited about being part of it.

  5. what a fantastic idea! i've been using a tiffin religiously since i came back from living in bangladesh, but a carrier, especially an insulated one, would improve things EXPONENTIALLY! i am definitely getting some ideas here...


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