Monday, November 9, 2009

Artichokes - 3rd Time's a Charm?

This is our third attempt to plant artichokes here at Camp Ramshackle. The previous two times we would struggle along only to loose the plant after a few months. This time we got them in the ground earlier and we've gone to greater lengths to make it a success this time.

After going back to the books I learned that artichokes have a tap root that is as tall as the plant - about 4 feet. They also like well drained soil which we have only down about 8 or 10 inches in this part of the yard. To give the plants a better chance this time I got out the post hole digger and dug a 1 foot diameter hole about 2 feet deep for each plant and filled it with our home made potting soil.

Here's a ball of clay from below the top soil. The 2 feet deep holes won't be deep enough for the entire tap root but I think it will give the plants a better chance.

Here's our home made potting soil. It's mostly completed compost with lots of worm castings mixed with some of the wood chips and horse manure we got from our friends a while back. Six holes required a heaping wheelbarrow full.

The next phase is to keep them watered and protected from the dogs for about a month. By that time I hope they will be well enough established to tolerate the occasional missed watering or errant paw.

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  1. I am trying artichokes for the first time this year. Thanks for the tip about the tap root. My seedlings are still in pots right now, but I'll be sure to dig down deep below them before planting. Hopefully we'll both succeed this year.


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