Saturday, November 21, 2009

Giant Water Bag at Farmlab

At the last Backward Beekeeping meeting, before things got going, Meredith brought us inside to see a giant army surplus water bag used for storing potable water. Farmlab is an incredible place with lots of experimental projects going on at any given time which explore various aspects of localized food production.

The bag was just begging to be walked on and Meredith was so kind to allow us indulge.

These clamps are very cool - you cant really see the scale here but those bolts are almost the size of baseballs.

We'd love to have one of these for Camp Ramshackle; we're still trying to work out our rainwater reservoir. It seems to me that every house in Los Angeles should have one of these.


  1. Of what, oh, OF WHAT is the bag made? And from where can they be had? and how many gallons does it hold?

  2. Good questions!

    It looks like it has a maximum capacity of 4,576 gallons. As far as what it's made of and where to get one - I'm not sure, we'll try to find out more.

  3. The best search term is pillow tank.
    Here is a good example of some, ranging from 100-5000 gallons.
    Most of them seem to be made from nylon, coated with either vinyl, or urethane.


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