Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sisyphean Screen Door

If you've followed our blog for a while you already know that we have bad dogs. We love them but they have a compulsion. Here's a post about when Julia fixed our curtains after they burst through the open bedroom window to get at some animal. They often get sprayed by skunks if we let them out at night. But the one thing that really drives me crazy is when they trash the screen door.

This is part of why we are wary of getting chickens. I think we will do it but the coop will have to be built like a little fort. Not just to keep the dogs out but also the coyotes and raccoons.

We woke up to the door like this one morning when a raccoon was probably taunting Moxie from the other side of the glass. But lately it has been the repeated scratching and pawing that has broken the side open again.

Each time I fix it- eventually. I usually try to increase the engineering of it without loosing the character that I love about our old wooden screen door.

Here it is now. Thicker gauge 1/2 inch hardware cloth is on the inside; thinner 1/4 inch on the outside. We'll see how long this fix lasts.

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