Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Swap

I am excited to be part of the Stocking Stuffer Swap organized by Leah of Our Yellow House. I made the owl above for it. Our swap is closed, but if you are interested, you might consider organizing one yourself.

The brilliant idea (all credit goes to Leah) is to assemble a group of crafty people. Each person must make something that can fit into a stocking for each family (or each child if the group is small enough). The goods are to be mailed the first week of December. Then each participant receives some handmade goodness to stuff in a stocking.

I love this idea. I'm honored to share some of my projects with others and delighted that I will be able to share other people's handwork with my sons. A big thank you to Leah for organizing this.

When I think of what sentiments and traditions I hope to create with my family around the winter holiday season, this is what I hope for. So much of the December festivities are manufactured and frantic. What I want is time spent fireside with my family snuggling and drinking spiced cider. Instead of frantic consumption, I want moments, handmade mementos, sparkling lights and the luxury of time.

And you, what do you hope for this season?


  1. the owl is adorable. i am glad to see that you are enjoying this project. i have been having a lot of fun cranking out the small items too. there is nothing better than seeing my girls get so much enjoyment out of simple handmade toys. i love that each toy from this swap is made with the individual in mind. every child deserves that.

  2. aw! sweet owl!
    and yes! thank you Leah!
    I, too, am so honoured to be part of the swap! Knowing my home will be filled with the 'heart and art' of others Christmas morning is amazing!
    Joy Rising! (as said on Oprah!) Did you see that video of the Black Eye Peas for Oprah's Seaon Premiere?! Well, being part of this swap feels like that! Joy Rising!
    Yup! It does!

  3. Thanks for the owl sweetness. I find myself looking at all the stocking stuffer blogs and thinking about the kids...what are they like? What might speak to them in a toy? It's been fun.

  4. Cute! I've been working away on my swap items too. Can't wait to send and receive. Thanks Leah and all the other swappers!


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