Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Candle Making Time Again

Our stubs were overflowing so last night I made some more candles.

I bought a roll of wick last time I was in the hobby store. This stuff doesn't have a wire in the center like the last wick string I bought. I think I like it better without the metal. I made this wick holder out of a twisted paper clip. I've found that if I dip the wick in the hot wax and let it cool it will become stiffer and easier to straighten prior to pouring the wax in. It's best if the wick goes straight through the center of candle.

Here is the last of the wire filled wick string. The nice thing about this kind is it will stand on its own.

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  1. Ah....candle making. What a happy memory from the seventies. We used to color the wax with broken crayons- one time the candle turned out gray. We'd make multicolored ones, and sometimes pour hot wax into a milk carton full off ice, to get a holey candle. Then the wax would melt through the holes, which was really neat if the candle had more than one color. Somewhat messy, but entertaining for a kid. Wintertime was candle-every-night-at-dinnertime, and I'm still observing that tradition. Lights out, candles lit, say Grace, and dig in. Good times, good times......


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