Monday, December 7, 2009

Humanuer Composting Concept is Popular?

One of my favorite ways to keep up to date on news and trends is to visit the Yahoo! news page of most emailed stories (full disclosure: I work there but have been reading news this way long prior to my employment there). The list is a great mix of newsworthy and human interest stories. It's a ranking of the stories most frequently forwarded to friends.

Imagine my surprise today when I saw this headline at number four:
Humanure: Goodbye, Toilets. Hello, Extreme Composting
I was further surprised to see our friend Erik Knudsen from Homegrown Evolution quoted in the article from Time Magazine.

When I saw it the article had been Sent 498 times that morning! And check this exerpt out:
"Not long ago, Nance Klehm, 44, a self-described radical ecologist in Chicago, invited her neighbors to stop using their toilets and start saving their poop. More than half of them - 22 of the 35 households - accepted her proposal."
That is amazing to me. I think that the more people are exposed to "radical" ideas the less radical those ideas seem. And certainly if folks could be persuaded to save their poop, what about rainwater collection and food scrap composting and vegetable gardens instead of lawns? No-brainers right? Could this be the beginning of a new normal?

You can get the book pictured above directly from Joseph Jenkin's website which also has a bunch of videos.


  1. It had better be the beginning of a new normal. As resources get tighter (and they will- it's just a question of when), radical ideas will be more accepted. we'll be scrapping around for everything.

    I'm planning a greenhouse for the backyard and am thinking of hiding a composting toilet in it.

  2. Good for you! Yes, I'm thinking that maybe we need a humanuer out house here at Camp Ramshackle too.

  3. Cool! My partner and I rent and have had on going problems with the traditional toilet leaking. Having to call the land lord all the darn time to come out and fix it has been a real pain.

    Maybe we humanure? Hmmm.

  4. And I thought making your own toilet paper (from fabric) was radical (I read and am still considering this)! Humanure is something to consider...I suppose.


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