Monday, December 28, 2009

My Swap Offerings

I made a few different items for the swap, so different people received different items. I made these hand sewn felt birds from the free pattern from Spool. I learned of it through fellow stocking stuffer swapper Like It Or Lump It, who made this sweet bird for her mother. The felt came from the craft supply store at the Pasadena Waldorf School. The bird on the left is made of plant dyed felt.

I made two of these owls from a recycled felted sweater I picked up from a thrift store many moons ago with the idea of making some felted project. The feet are also an upcycled thrifted sweater. I went freestyle and made up the body by marking a general outline with a fabric pencil before I cut. And I made a pattern for the talons and beak.

I've been meaning to make some blank books after reading The Small Object's fabulous tutorial on how to do so. Great fun to make. I suspect they will become a staple in the Camp Ramshackle craft supplies from here on out.

These pennant/flags were an last minute idea I had. I made a pattern for the flag and used bias tape to make the ties to the post. The post is harvested from one of our many homegrown toyon trees. I hope to post a tutorial on this project in the days/weeks to come. We're still celebrating the holidays around here, slowly returning to our regular schedule.

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  1. My son loves his little bird, thank you so much! And how funny is it that we both made the little books from The Small Object! I'm so addicted to those.



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