Friday, December 4, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Projects Completed

I finished the last of my projects yesterday. No, that's not bragging. It's relief. I started into the task right after Leah set up the swap. Even so, I had a flashback to late night term paper writing in the wee hours of the morning. I added a last minute project that I had been contemplating. I'm so happy I threw caution to the wind and made it. I will post later after it ships and is received and possibly add a tutorial for those who are interested.

The swap has been a real pleasure. I've enjoyed getting to know each of the swappers online: Our Yellow House, 4Keith aka Going To Graceland, Thimbleberry Kitschen, Like It Or Lump It, Ex Libris Handmade, On Being a Farm Wife aka Rural Mama, Nap Knits and Little Bird.

I've also enjoyed reaching into my stash and using some special materials. The bias tape pictured was bought at a yard sale in my neighborhood. Never opened. Until now. And used with great pleasure.

Off to the post office this morning to get these gifts in the mail.


  1. I remain completely inspired by this exchange! I loved getting to "meet" the stripey sweater owls that you made for the first couple of gifts and I'm hoping that you might share the other items that you conjured
    for the swap. Also, I am so curious to know what special things that you recieve from the other swappers - the amount of creativity flowing through this project is amazing. I know your boys are going to have such fun treats in their stockings - I think I'm a little jealous!

  2. Hi Rachel, I will certainly share the sweet gifts the boys have received and the items I made. And, you never know, your stocking might be full with sweet goodies as well. It may just depend on if you've been naughty or nice. I suppose it would depend on which Santa you consult, which I suspect guarantees you will not receive a lump of coal in your stocking.

  3. Just got ours daughter is going to LOVE it. This swap has been so fun.....happy holidays..

  4. I'm so happy to hear it, FuNkY MoMmY! Thank you for your gift. It's PERFECT for my oldest son. He's been asking for his own buckwheat-like pillow. And he is a huge appreciator of great smells. Your lavender pillow is perfect. Thank you!


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