Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Swap Update

I'm enjoying some quiet evening time to finish the last of my stocking stuffer swap projects. The holiday lights are up the earliest ever thanks to my oldest son. I'm a firm believer that no Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time here at Camp Ramshackle.

The work continues. The swap packages are to be mailed the first week of December. Two people in the swap have already mailed theirs.

I like the first week of December deadline. When I'm done with this fun swap, I will turn all my focus on to family projects.


  1. my packages went out this morning. phew.

    whenever i see pictures of your tented living room i get all...well a little jealous. it is really an amazing space.

  2. you remind me that I'm supposed to be making Christmas cards.....

  3. Congrats on getting the packages in the mail, Leah. And our tent very may well be the best room in the house even though it's outside. Which perhaps is more a reflection on the interior of our humble house than high praise for the tent, although I like them both. I highly recommend outdoor living rooms. I bet you could set up a wall tent & just take it down in the winter. Although you might want to leave it up. You can buy wall tents that are cut for a wood stove (ours is...we have yet to add the stove. At least the option is there.)

    Paula, you remind me I need to send out cards as well.


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