Friday, January 29, 2010

My Son's Commute

My oldest son suggested that we take a shot at using public transit to get to his school. We set out early Thursday on foot.

Our first rendezvous--the Highland Park/Eagle Rock DASH, a bargain at 25 cents fare.

Then onto the train portion of our journey with compelling views of mountains...

...and freeway commuters.

Then we boarded the Sierra Madre Gateway Coach, which was a bit confusing. There was no Gateway bus stop sign at the station (missing for three years according to the bus driver after the adjacent apartment buildings were built). It ends up the stop is on the north side of the Sierra Madre Villa Station parking structure (not at the same location of all the other transit stops). I'm still trying to figure out the logic. In the meantime, City of Sierra Madre, a sign would be most helpful. (Note to self: send email to City of Sierra Madre today.)

And a picture of the homeward journey. My youngest son is his own stylist.

As I was making the journey with these guys, I was reminded of a segment on a now defunct radio program called Weekend America (I looked for a link but couldn't find it). A young mother in L.A., I believe, made a resolution to only use public transit for a year. No cars whatsoever. No relying on friends to pick you up for a run to the grocery store on the weekend (unless your friend is a bus driver). As many know, Los Angeles is not known for a particularly efficient public transit system. To make this woman's resolution even more heroic was that she was the mother of a toddler and an infant. Add that with a bag of groceries to your commute. My hat is off to all the mothers who do that each day.


  1. Yes, I'm with you there- hats off.

    Back when I was working and commuting by bus every day, I'd see women wrestling strollers and toddlers on and off the bus, and I would just marvel at their, what? Stamina? Resolution? Determination?

  2. Wow Owen. You and Emmett looked like you two had a great time!! See you soon.

    Love, Grampa Jim


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