Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking the Train... and a bus and another train

Since my goal of riding my bike to work once a week has faltered lately with the holidays, a couple of colds and the rainy weather, I am exploring riding the train to work. It's not that I won't continue to ride my bike, it's just that I have realized that I am not nearly as intrepid as, say fellow blogger Tarik Saleh who not only commuted to work 100% of the time this year, he did plenty of that in the rain and snow. (if you are impressed with that check out his mileage tally) My hat is off to you Tarik!

The truth is, I am too old and my commute too far (27 miles round trip) to do more than one commute a week and even that is pushing it. So now I am exploring riding the train on the other days I commute (I try to work from home on Fridays when I can). Today was my second experiment. Taking the train doubles my commute time from an hour to 2 hours a day but nearly all of that is reading time which is like gold to me.

The scenery is pretty great too. For those not familiar with Los Angeles, this is the L.A. River. It actually is a real river that we just... enhanced by completely encasing it in concrete. We love our concrete in L. A. (there is an effort to bring some parts of this back to a more natural state)

Here's a scene from the ride home. It actually takes a bus and two trains to make the entire commute but in a way it is very similar to the wet shaving I posted about yesterday, it takes a little longer but the experience is so much more satisfying.


  1. I take the train every day to my job and at frist I thought I'd hate it but now I love it. It's only 10 min's from my work to my stop and then I ride home with my Husband. But it save us almost $400 a month when I don't drive, not to mention all the fossil fuels that I'm not using. Best decision ever.

  2. That's great - $400 a month is huge (you could buy a new car with tha... wait.. great!).

    For me it will be about break even in cost after the subsidy my work offers. But the quite time to read, the fact that it's much greener with regards to CO2 and smog, and the fact that I love rail travel, however short it might be, should make up for the extra hour a day.

  3. I love the caption of the L.A. River shot. I live right near Ballona Creek, which is very similar: a real creek enhanced by encasing it in concrete.


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