Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tree Skirt Mend

Over the holidays, one of our dogs attacked the tree skirt we place under our holiday tree. We typically get our tree late in the holiday season and keep it up until January 1st. By the first of the year, I'm eager to say goodbye to the holiday season.

After returning from the Rose Parade, the kids napped and I went to work. Everything was taken down and put into boxes...except for the tree skirt. Knowing that if I didn't fix it now before it was stored for the year, chances were high that I would never fix it.

So the boxes sat stacked in our small living room with the chewed tree skirt on top of them. This week, I finally carved out some time to cut off the offending parts and sew a new seam.

Much better. I finished it just as my youngest son awoke from his afternoon nap.

I did leave this bite mark on the lining because I was tired of looking at the boxes in my living room. And I think it's funny. I can always fix it next year...or never.

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