Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bee Train

For Sunday's beekeeper meeting, we along with our friend Phoenix decided to take the train. The boys and I have been consistently taking the train to school on Thursdays, a day that is anticipated all week. Since Farmlab (where the meeting is held) is walking distance from the Chinatown Gold Station, we decided to give it a try.

We cut through the Cornfield Park on our way to Farmlab under the Spring bridge.

The boys brought their scooters which added a bit of zip to our walk. I don't think I'd bring them on Thursdays without another set of eyes and hands to keep up with these lizard quick guys.

In the future, I can see that happening. Not just yet.


  1. Eric you and your family are Fantastic.I love you all

  2. . . . .and they are quick, I've witnessed!!!! miss you guys - playdate soon?!

  3. Thanks, Kirk! We love you too. You're the bees knees.

    And, yes, Kristen, let's rendezvous soon.


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