Monday, February 1, 2010

A Few Sewing Projects

My sister gave me a buckwheat pillow many years ago that has seen a lot of use. My sons recently discovered the pleasures of a warm buckwheat pillow at bedtime. I've been thinking about making a few rather than sharing one each night. I saw Green Frieda's post about making bed warmer gifts (via Make It Do) and that inspired me to actually make them. I made a smaller size than the linked pattern. The pillow cover is handy.

And I made two new tiffin covers for a neighbor after she saw the ones I made for my sons. Although her tiffins were different sizes, I was able to use my original pattern with a few slight modifications.

I have one more tiffin cover to make. And I hope to make some more buckwheat pillows and fill them with some of the dried Pozo Blue sage from our garden. No matter how many deep inhales I take, I can't get enough of that sage.

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