Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Off the Sewing Machine

I finished the tiffin bag as a gift for my neighbor. The linen print fabric is by etsuko furuya for KOKKA called "tiger on the flower". I picked it up at South Pasadena's The Common Thread Studio, which I can see becoming a favorite place. As I was finishing this project, my oldest son set to work on his own.

He asked for a needle and thread so he could sew a book. Since the book was so thick, I suggested he use my sewing machine instead. His eyes lit up. He patiently waited for me to finish my projects, then hopped on my lap and made this fine book.


  1. Good for him! Did he says what he was going to do with it? Bookbinding is a pretty cool art....

  2. He is a prolific writer and lately very interested in making "skat" (sketch) books for himself, his family and friends. I just found him working on the book pictured here. The cover reads "Wof A Dog's Lif" (Woof: A Dog's Life).

  3. I love it! And I am right there with you about The Common Thread. I happened upon it fairly recently and have been hatching plans to take a couple classes. I'm kind of thinking about the Detail Couture class...

  4. Let me know, Rachel, maybe we can take a class together.


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