Friday, February 19, 2010

Potatoes Planted

I moved some heavily chitted potatoes from my kitchen counter into the ground. I planted two batches of Yukon Golds. One group was a gift from Ilsa at RamblingLA. She bought her tubers from Seeds of Change and graciously shared her surplus.

My other crop came from the produce department at Whole Foods. These hearty Golds never made it to the oven. The sprouted quickly on my counter. I interpreted that as their way of saying, "Plant me!"

I put the potatoes in these fine boxes. Eric built the one on the right. And our friend and Camp Ramshackle guest Phoenix built the one on the left with the additional rise to place on top of the box after the leaves push through the ground and more dirt needs to be added.

With the help of a conscripted army, I moved the compost into the boxes and placed the potatoes in the rich dirt. If I was a worm, I'd move right in.

I'll be interested in seeing how the two batches of potatoes grow and if there is a noticeable difference between the two. I will share what I learn.

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