Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catches in the Yard

Black-bellied slender salamander.

Fence post lizard. Caught by Eric, release by our oldest son.

The downtown skyline. Photo captured by our oldest son.


  1. Nice view! That looks like the Emerald City way off there. Betcha don't see that very often!

  2. Paula, you should see the skyline at night. It does look like the Emerald City, sparkling and green. We're pretty fortunate to enjoy the view year round. Of course, in the fire season our view is obscured.

    Grace, I told my son what you said. He smiled hugely.

  3. I just took a picture of salamander to post in my blog. How cool! I love the wall hooks. We only have pine on our property or I'd be jumping all over that idea.

  4. I look forward to seeing the picture of your salamander & your hooks. I think of salamanders more in your area rather than in So Cal. I first thought it was a skink here.


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