Thursday, March 11, 2010

Homemade Hook Hung

Eric made a series of these beautiful wooden hooks from our olive trees. I love them. He mounted one hook in our bedroom behind the door.

The robes are convenient to use but hidden from view when you open the door.


  1. Nice. Bet you could sell that, especially out of olive wood.

  2. Thanks Djuna!

    Yes, Paula - actually we got the idea from these folks:

    We ordered honey from them too and now produce both ourselves but not for sale; at least not yet.

    Our Olive trees are completely overgrown and I've been doing research on how to bring them back to a productive form. The advice I've read is to cut them all the way back down to about 2 meters high. I don't know if we'll go that far but still a dramatic trim back would produce a whole heap of hooks. If and when that happens we may try to sell them - especially if we can get 40.00 a piece for them!


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