Friday, March 5, 2010


About three weeks ago, the insulation truck rolled up to our house, unwound a hose and blew TAP insulation into our drafty attic. Living in a farmhouse construction house brings you much closer to the elements, even in southern California. The insulation was a much needed improvement at Camp Ramshackle.

TAP is 85% recycled post-consumer newsprint. Eric did the bulk of the research about our options. While searching online, he found a post on about recycled newsprint insulation.

The insulation comes in block form which was opened and put into a shedder/blower machine.

Because the insulation is blown in, the job took only a few hours. The change was drastic. Even with our farmhouse construction (which means that our interior wall is also our exterior wall), the heat is more consistent.

With winter waning, I'm looking forward to seeing how the insulation works with the summer heat.


  1. We had insulation blown in last year and it really helped last summer. Like you, we live without a/c, and the blown cellulose made hot summer days much more tolerable.

  2. How long does this kind of insulation typically last? My google-fu is failing me.

  3. Mean soybean, that's a good question. I'm not sure on the life expectancy of cellulose. I don't even know the duration of typical fiberglass insulation. Eric and I were just worried about keeping the house warmer/cooler using an environmentally friendly product. Anybody else know?


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