Friday, March 19, 2010

Pollen Gathering

Bees are gathering pollen this morning on our blooming Ceanothus.

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  1. Ceanothus, or Mountain Lilac, are so darn pretty, aren't they? I can see the pollen build up on her legs.

    I've only seen one honeybee out and about up here in Oregon, but the bumblebees are a little thicker, and they were the heavy pollinators of my tomatillo plants last year. I had only two plants, but got twelve pounds of tomatillos off them, which netted me two and a half gallons of salsa verde which I put up at a half-pint at a time. I am up to my neck in salsa verde, thanks to the bumblebees.

    Next year I'm doing honeybees, though. Today I started the one area that I'll fill with flowers for the bees for next year. It's good to have plans.

    It's better to have bees.


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