Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tomato 101

The Camp Ramshackle galley goes through quite a bit of canned tomatoes over the winter months. One evening while Eric and I were talking about our vegetable garden and the prospects of our summer garden, we decided we would like to plant more tomatoes. We'd love to produce and can more tomatoes to suit our consumption.

Enter Homegrown LA, Marta Teegan and a weekend class on growing tomatoes. Eric watched the kids at home while I ventured out to a downtown L.A. rooftop garden to attend one of Marta's classes.

The class was fantastic. One of the tips I learned about planting tomato starts is to plant them very deep, burying the lower leaves in the soil.

Ever notice how the stem of the tomato plant is fuzzy? The fuzz are roots.

The rooftop garden was beautiful. Marta Teegan said she had an appointment with Backwards Beekeeper guru Kirkobeeo...and look, now the garden has bees. The nasturtium never had it so good.

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  1. Another thing about the hairs on tomatoes: their ancestors seem to have been carnivorous.

    Tomatoes still seem to benefit from the insects that get stuck in the hairs, but Venus flytraps are such light feeders through their roots, that I wouldn't really call tomatoes carnivorous in the same way. I would say tomatoes are omnivorous.


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