Monday, April 5, 2010

Skunked Dog

Is a weekend really complete without an encounter with a skunk? Trudy thinks not. The remedy was applied. Not without shame.



  1. According to a Curious George Goes Camping book you need a "strange bath in tomato juice" to get rid of the smell. My kids think that is hilarious.

    Sorry about your dog - hope she's smelling better today.

  2. Not a fun thing to deal with, I know. Did you wear rubber gloves? I learned that one the hard way- my hands stank for a whole week afterward.

    My understanding is that tomato juice just masks the odor. The solution you recommend actually breaks down the thiol in the spray. Trudy is still going to stink for awhile, though. Rufus got skunked a year ago February and he barely smelled normal in June when my husband's parents, who aren't animal lovers, came to visit.

  3. She's good as new today actually (which really isn't all that good) ;)

    We've had enough experience with the skunk spray now that we can get the dog 99% skunk odor free. Its impossible to get it out of the end of her nose but we can get the rest of her body completely odor free.

    It boils down to enough peroxide and baking soda. A small bottle and box of each with a tablespoon of soap coats a medium dog with medium length hair nicely.

    And yes - the tomato juice is funny but bunk. It just makes a mess and can be expensive if you use a lot.

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