Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Artichoke

We got our first artichoke! Only the strongest plant has produced a flower bud but this is very good news for us.

If you look a little down the stalk you'll see two other smaller flowers forming.

I've read that cutting the first flower will encourage more to grow. I'm not sure this will happen on this plant because the growth seems a little slow in general but we just couldn't wait to taste it. Plus I wanted to avoid what happened with our shiitakes a couple of weeks ago. I figure an artichoke in hand...

I hope that the rest will produce this year too but I also understand that doesn't always happen in the first year. Now our greatest goal is to make sure they survive through the summer.


  1. I had a first year artichoke last year that produced a very small bud and something got it before I did, i.e., a bug of some kind. Then I forgot to cover it before a frost and lost it.

    I bought another this year, and don't really expect a bud off it, but I'm sure as you know what going to make sure I don't forget it this winter!

    My understanding of cutting the top bud off an artichoke is that they produce four or five smaller buds further down the plant, so you could get lucky.

    Growing up with seven siblings in San Jose, my dad would bring home a big paper bag load when he saw them for a nickle a piece. Imagine how I nearly croaked when I saw them available in Florida for nearly five bucks a piece! I'd buy myself one every once in awhile when I could find them for three...

    I've always wanted to have a glut of them so that I could trim the a la the Italian way and make one of their lovely dishes with them.....maybe someday.

    Good luck with your chokes!

  2. Thanks Paula!

    This is the farthest we've gotten with them in 3 attempts. The tough part of the season for us is the dog days of summer when it gets up around 100 or more for several days in a row each year. I am keeping my fingers crossed - sure would love a glut of chokes myself.

  3. Got our first couple weeks ago. The best ever. Think it was the rainwater?

  4. Was this the first season for yours Ilsa? Maybe it was the rain.


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