Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is a pretty typical scene at our house. Eric with the boys working on a project.

Gracefully moving from one child to the next.

Addressing the needs and wants of each child with a kind word or a smile.

There is so much more in these toys than the material parts. Thank you Eric for being such a wonderful dad. And thank you to Papa & Granny for the gift of the car and plane kit.

Thank you to my Dad. These pictures are familiar to me. I remember so many days spent in projects with my father, building a covered idea I came up with at about five. I presented written plans to my father, who instead of saying no or not now, took me to the table saw and helped me put together a wagon that I still have to this day. The wagon is so much more than the material parts. Thanks, Dad.

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