Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homegrown Potatoes

In mid-February, my oldest son and I planted some potatoes in some boxes made by Eric and inspected by my youngest son. I've read in many of my gardening books that the best place to store potatoes is in the ground. So as I was preparing a dinner potato frittata inspired by the Big Sur Bakery (a soak in one of their tubs overlooking the Pacific sounds just about perfect right now), I realized I was a few potatoes short of a full skillet.

I marched myself down to the garden, pitchforked myself a few potatoes from the beautiful boxes in which they rest. And, oh my, they were delicious. Delicate skins that peeled off so easily and the fine sliced potatoes that roasted so crisply. All I really want now is a hot tub overlooking the Pacific.


  1. ..."a few potatoes short of a full skillet" sounds like something you'd say about old Aunt Harriet who wasn't all there anymore....good luck with that hot tub.

  2. We were just at the Big Sur Bakery last week. Had pizzas there Thursday night and breakfast Friday morning. Loved it.

  3. Thanks, Paula.

    Welcome back, Jeremy. A trip to Big Sur sounds just about perfect. Did you get to Esalen? I look forward to hearing more about your trip.


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