Monday, June 14, 2010

McGrath State Beach Camping

The last time I camped at McGrath State Beach, I tagged along with my sisters' Girl Scout troop as I was too young to join. Needless to say, my memory of it was spotty. We were joined by friends and enjoyed time at camp and on the beach, taking the long route to get around the nesting American Least Terns.

Trees were climbed.

New friends were made.

But the best place may have been right here in the hammock, rigged up with a string that lead back to the hammock allowing this occupant to swing without much effort.

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  1. Ah...McGrath State Beach. That is one place I have actually been, and it was also the last time I went camping, which I miss a great deal.

    My youngest sister grew up hearing her older siblings waxing rhapsodically about family camping trips, so when asked what she wanted for her high school graduation, that's what she wanted- a family camping trip. Work schedules were consulted, vacation time planned, and off we went, in several cars, all the way from various parts of Northern California to McGrath State Beach. We did all the work; for once my mother never lifted a finger. The men in the family ogled and talked about Ranger Stacey; we stayed up late and played silly games like Balderdash (without the board) around the campfire. One night, one of my brothers-in-law had cigars for every adult (there were no offspring at the time) so we all trooped out to smoke cigars on the beach at sunset.

    Thanks for evoking one of the best memories I have.


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