Monday, June 7, 2010

More Delicious Honey

I am way behind on our hive maintenance, I wouldn't be surprised if they swarm soon - might not be the worst thing to get a new queen in there anyway. I do like honey but am certainly not taking the effort to maximize our honey production at the moment. I am more than happy as long as the hive is healthy and happy, and we get a few quarts of honey every couple of months.

That said, I feel pretty guilty about not staying on top of the apiary duties a little better. Specifically, I need to add a box to the brood area and sort out the mix of medium and deep frames that are filling two medium boxes down there. This weekend I stole a half an hour and took two frames out before my smoker went out and I ended the endeavor on high note. The two frames won't really free up much space for all of the new nectar coming in but I imagine every little bit helps.

The two frames of honey especially helped make our breakfast the next morning better. For me there are few things better than natural, chem-free honey on home baked whole grain toast. the 56 ounces of honey also made a nice center piece.


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